Home School Dinners

As parents & as a company many of us are facing the same conversation millions of families across the country must be having, the conversations around not just home schooling but providing a hot, healthy, nutritious meal in place of a school dinner for our little darlings. 

With that in mind we’ve put together a menu of kid friendly dishes, prepared in our 5 star kitchens with the best minds from across our incredible company behind this massive operation.

Seems it’s a situation playing on a lot of our minds. School meal replacements nationwide have been a bit of a joke, and we, like so many other people have been shocked to see the standard & quality of some of the meals & kits being dispatched to those who need it most. We are fully aware that we are throwing ourselves into a very public arena here but this is a situation we know ourselves & feel that we can help many families with, we are hoping to work with primary schools in the town to provide an alternative to supermarket vouchers should the demand be there. 

We’ve had some lengthy zoom discussions, assembled a think tank of chefs & managers turning their decades of catering experience to a mammoth task of making the healthy, tasty. Transforming familiar meals into fresh, delicious dishes. We’ve worked tirelessly on creative ways to disguise vegetables, replace sugars & reduce fats but without compromising on quality or flavour. What we are left with is a range of meals specifically designed for primary school age children that are appealing to kids but with great nutritional value.

We’ve focused the minds of our wildly talented workforce with a common goal: to help get nutritious meals to the people in the town who need it most. We’ve developed a formidable menu of firm favourites given a seriously healthy makeover (subtle enough that even the fussiest eater wouldn’t spot the changes). We’ve packed each & every one of the dishes on our menu with cleverly hidden vegetables, worked sparingly with dairy & fats, using all of our enthusiasm & knowledge to make dishes that are inclusive & undeniably child friendly. Each of our meals are under 300 calories & packed full of hidden vegetables, which in dishes like Hot Dog Mac & Cheese, Chip shop Style Chicken Curry & Lasagne is no mean feat. Our menu of five lunches, for delivery or collection every Monday, all of which you simply reheat, all of which are freezable & all of which we’ve given to our own kids to make sure they come with a seal of approval. 

We’ve set up an online ordering system to make the whole process as streamlined as possible and you can collect your meals from 8am Monday Mornings from The Flying Horse in the town centre. 

All of us have been facing challenges beyond our wildest expectations in the last twelve months and this felt like it could be a challenge too far for us, but after listening to our customers & our furloughed staff with young children, the struggles of working from home, acting as teacher & making sure your kids get something healthy to eat is sometimes just too much to juggle. Our one-week pack of five meals cost just £15 to collect and we’ll deliver throughout the borough for a tiny fee. We are willing to work tirelessly with any of the town’s schools to provide these as free school meal alternatives, so everyone involved can guarantee that the money spent goes direct to ensuring children in need of a meal, receive just that.

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